A bar that focuses on coffee during the day and dig into natural wines during the evening.

During the day Savant Bar acts as a coffee bar and cafรฉ serving up cappuccinos, espressos and other coffee based drinks together with a lunch offering heavily based on greens. In the evening however, Savant Bar transforms into a natural wine bar with a list of wines that is being changed more or less every day. But don’t worry – the espresso machine still goes warm into the night when you need a caffeine kick.

Savant Bar is definitely not one of the larger wine bars in the city (thruth to be told – its quite tiny!), but instead weighs up the lack of space with a cozy and intimate atmosphere where chatty conversations is flowing as much as their natural wines are. Something which is all not too surprising since even though their list of natural wines might be be short and sweet, the staffs preciseness in offering one that fits your specific preference is definitely on point. Undersigned even managed to score a new personal favorite on the last visit.

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Tegnรฉrgatan 4, 113 58 Stockholm

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