A second home for all the wine enthusiasts, located in the city center of Lund.

Great atmosphere, wine and some even more wine. The new wine bar in town, Lenoteket, has found its home in what used to be a hybrid brokerage firm and cafΓ© in Lund. Here you will find a great selection of wine by the glass or by the bottle – whichever finds your heart the quickest. But even though finding the right wine for you might not be the easiest task – don’t worry. Their carefully hand picked selection is as generous as their sister location L’enoteca in MalmΓΆ, with a specific place in the heart for the more Italian ones.

The location invites you to pop by and enjoy a glass in the sun at their outdoor seating before continuing your day elsewhere – or to stay for the rest of the evening going through their selection glass by glass together with some deli from the kitchen. Lenoteket has quickly found its crowd in Lund, and with all of its right. It’s one of those places easily can become your second home in town if excellent wine is your thing.

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Kyrkogatan 17, 222 22 Lund

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