The most blue-colored wine bar in Copenhagen, and perhaps even in the world.

With a focus on natural wines, the small little wine bar and shop with the most blue-colored walls in all of Copenhagen, Lille Blå Vinbar, has found its home. With accent colors of yellow and black and walls literally stacked with wine boxes, this places interior is as rememberable as their wines. The wines itself is a hand picked sortiment from Austria, almost like a showroom, since the wine bar has a close connection with the owners importing business Österreich Vin.

If you are a bit unsure on what wine to go with – just state your preferences to their helpful staff and they will pick something out for you to try from their sortiment. At Lille Blå Vin Bar it’s easy to just drop in for a glass, and if you find also something you really enjoy – there is also the opportunity to to buy a bottle with you home. All in all a very charming little spot that is worthwhile a visit if you are looking around for a casual wine bar.

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Esplanaden 3, 1263 Copenhagen

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