Wine and dine with a menu filled of korean dishes that satisfy every single one your tastebuds.

Just a short walk from Copenhagen central station you will find a red sign wording Propaganda, a combination of wine bar, shop and restaurant serving up South Korean dishes in a casual setting but with a pulsating vibe. The dishes varies from a little spicy to spicy, but always packed with flavors. On the menu you will find medium sized dishes (with a recommendation of 2-3 per person) such as their spicy Propaganda fried chicken, kimchi mandu and more together with some sweet options to end it all with.

What is an interesting concept at Propaganda is that you can sneak in to the associated wine bar and shop, find yourself a bottle and let them cork it up for you in the restaurant section in exchange for a corkage fee. But given the variation of spiciness with the food, a good recommendation is still to let your faith in the hands of the staff to find a matching wine pairing for your specific chosen dishes.

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Vester Farimagsgade 2, 1606 Copenhagen

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