Contemporary Italian food with pasta dishes that will etch itself deep on to your heart.

Even though this Italian restaurant and wine bar has a casual atmosphere while on the inside, don’t expect anything ordinary while going for a lunch or dinner at Barabba. With modern takes on Italian cuisine, this popular restaurant in Copenhagen is serving up beautiful buttery pastas and more together with a steady sortiment of wines. Pair this together with long opening hours, and Barabba has become an instant success on the restaurant scene of Copenhagen, adored by foodies and chefs alike.

No matter if you have a preference for choosing freely from an Γ  la carte menu or wish to taken care of have it all decided for you with a tasting menu, Barabba has you covered for the evening. Whichever direction you choose to for however, just make a promise to yourself to try out one of their signatures on the menu – the spaghetti with butter colatura and caviar. Simply delicious.

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Store Kongensgade 34, 1264 Copenhagen

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