Winner winner chicken dinner is very applicable at this small shop serving up spicy fried chicken.

Located at Mรธllegade right next to its sister location Pompette (wine bar and shop), this tiny hole-in-the-wall restaurant is serving up crispy fried chicken, primarily as sandwich but aswell as nuggets, together with fries still with their skin on. If you are not into chicken then be rest assured they are also offering more or less the same short and sweet menu but with fried tofu instead. All the is food spiced up hot, so if that is not your thing – ask them to go a bit lighter on the seasoning.

The seating at Poulette is very limited to just only a few seats outdoors (which is really a bench and a few stools), but even if you won’t manage to get a seat the food is none the less perfect for eating on the go or to bring home as take-away. Just prepare yourself in advance for a big bite if you happen to order one of their fried chicken sandwiches – because it’s loaded up with fried goodness together with cheese, lettuce and pickles hugged together by a buttery bun.

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Mรธllegade 1, 2200 Copenhagen

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