Brunch, lunch and dinner with a dash of Italian cuisine in the industrial areas of Malmö.

A short trip from the city center in Malmö takes you out to Mygel, a rustic restaurant where the menu hints of slight penchant for Italian cuisine. Mygel is however, by no means, an Italian restaurant. The dishes is rather composed on what their own creative minds feel like cooking up with produce that is sometimes imported and other times local, which can even be as close as from their own cultivations placed on the outside of their building.

At Mygel you are able to make a visit for either a lunch, brunch or dinner (depending on the day) between Thursdays to Sundays. If you during your visit is hearing sniffing sounds under the table then it’s only the owners dog, Lillen, who is searching around for tasty leftover crumbs. And it’s understandable why – one would likely want to do the same for their fattiga riddare with mascarpone and blackcurrant compote.

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Lodgatan 3B, 211 24 Malmö

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