Simply uncomplicated and delicious neapolitan style pizza that only needs an cold drink as a companion.

Take a break from gold plated pizzas with caviar and run to OTTO Pizza for comfort food when it’s at its best. With an uncomplicated numbered menu consisting of a few red and white neapolitan style pizzas, the result is simply really good pizza with fluffy dough and lightly crispy charred edges. Qualities that you would want and expect from a place that intend to take the heritage of Italian pizza making seriously to town. If you happen to plan go there for mid-day treat then their lunch offer for 65 DKK is somewhat of a steal.

The concept of OTTO has been finely tuned for take-away, in a range of ways. First of all – the pizza itself is, of course, possible to get as take-away. Secondly, you can get a selection of their pizzas as a folded sandwich to eat on the go. (How brilliant!) Lastly, you can as well purchase ready-made pizzas from their refrigerator, ready to be finished off at home in the oven for 3 minutes. May I get ottwo pizzas to go, please?

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Værnedamsvej 18, 1619 København, Danmark

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