A sweet bite of the best from French pastry together with a dash of Portugal.

If you are looking for all the classic French pastries such as a buttery croissant, a petite tartelette or macaron or even an eclair, Patisserie David is the place to go. But the owner David Fernandes doesn’t stop at french pastries – here you will also find everything ranging from sandwiches, semlas and even the Portuguese pastry Pastel de Nata as an ode to his background as being Portuguese-born.

Even though David is Portugal-born, his pastry knowledge comes from working at well regarded patisseries in Luxembourg and France where he has honed his skills in the art. And art it is. if you are lucky, you might be able to see what creation David is working on next passing by the kitchen. It’s not all too uncommon that David is blowing sugar swans out of sugar to decorate one of their beautiful cakes.

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Östergatan 7b, 211 25 Malmö

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