Take a break from the busy streets of Sรถdermalm and enjoy the atmosphere where great pastry is served.

Bread, buns, pastries and cakes. At Robin Delselius Bageri you will find everything from warm and fluffy cinnamon buns and beautiful edible art to sandwiches, coffee, soups and more. The history of Robin Delselius Bageri starts with a family bakery started by his grandfather Jan, where Robin used to work until he decided to open a bakery of his own in Sรถdermalm – where the family recipes also got to follow along.

And those recipes were definitely a brilliant idea to bring along for the ride, because they are the secret behind some of the finest bread and pastry the city has to offer and what has made Robin Delselius Bageri such a popular spot to got for a breakfast, lunch and afternoon fika amongst the locals. With new sweet bun showing up every month, there is regularly something to try out for the curious one with a sweet tooth.

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Renstiernas gata 19, 116 31 Stockholm

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