Sandwiches literally bewitched with cheese, bread and an inescapable food coma.

Sandhäxa, what is this made up sorcery of a name? If you’re an avid fan of wordplay and puns you might have already figured out that directly translating the word itself to English becomes ‘sandwi(t)ch’. A not too distant connection since the sandwiches at Sandhäxan more or less contains supernatural powers to solve any craving for oozing cheese, crispy bread or salty meat you might have deep inside with their different sandwiches ranging from fried chicken to hot tuna melt.

If you wonder how much cheese you can put in a sandwich then the grilled cheese at Sandhäxan is a prime example. Emmentaler, cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan – all in one single sandwich. Of course its has also been topped with potato chips on top for extra crispness. Some might think it all sounds extreme – others would say its a cute way to push the red launch button to send a rocket of food coma down your belly.

Prepare yourself for a bite and order something refreshing to accompany it – you’re totally gonna need it.

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Gästrikegatan 13, 113 62 Stockholm

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