One of the best baos you can find in Sweden, served from a food truck in Gothenburg.

Located at the square of Magasingatan together with other food trucks, restaurants and a cafรฉ with outdoor seating – a turquoise colored treasure is to be found where bao is the boss. Jinx Food Truck is one of the finest places to get a couple of these lovelies in Gothenburg, and may one even say in the whole of Sweden. The buns itself are soft as a down pillow, and sets a high standard on how a bao bun should be like.

But it’s not only the bao bun itself that is worth a trip. If you go for the pork buns on the menu you will experience tender, juicy meat that literally melts in your mouth. If baos isn’t your thing, then also check out their popular asian take on a taco – Thaicos. Jinx Street Food is one of those prime examples on why you don’t need a large kitchen to create culinary magic that leaves the eater wanting to go for another, and another, and another…

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Magasinsgatan 17, 411 18 Gรถteborg

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