Doing the hard work of taking the authentic true flavors of thai food across borders.

Are you at Mรถllan? Yes. Are you in Thailand? Also yes! SOI 29 is just what you would want from a thai restaurant but rarely ever manage to find, and be that in more or less whole of Sweden. It is no wonder that foodies travel in from Copenhagen and Stockholm to urge their needs for authentic thai food with spicy flavors at this lovable restaurant by the owners Johanna and Alexander that also shows that serving up authentic food has nothing to do with personal heritage – but having an utmost respect for ingredients and flavors.

When it comes to their menu it’s hard to go wrong with anything you choose, but if you ask us we would not recommend leaving the place at least before you at least have had their whole deep-fried seabass, pla tod yam mamuang, with sour mango, cashew nuts and and more in as sweet and spicy dressing that is perfect to dip their sticky rice in. The dish is so good you would likely shed a tear of happiness, and if you rarely cry and would like to know how that experience feels – then order in a portion of their spicy green papaya salad called som tam thai and you will be right on your way.

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Bergsgatan 29, 211 53 Malmรถ

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