This little pizza shop at Sรถdermalm gives the most delicious slices for the smallest of prices.

800 Grader Slice Shop on Sรถdermalm is the baby brother of the larger 800 Grader located on the other side of the city in Vasastan. But being a baby brother to a primary location does not mean any less great of an experience, and their slice shop proves just that. While the larger location is focusing on regular sized pizzas the ones at the smaller one is instead has a thing for slices. And the slices itself is really good, and for a really good price as well. Especially if you are just looking to grab a quick lunch in the city.

With wonderfully crispy bottoms and a few different slices to choose from, you have the flexibility to try out a few different combinations on your visit. If you however are planning to throw a pizza party then you can also get a whole pizza measuring a whopping 50cm to go. In other words, a decent size to take care of the hunger for a group of 3-4 people. But once you try their pizza you would likely just order a second one as well.

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Kocksgatan 3, 116 24 Stockholm

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