Ramen offerings as focused as their equally minimalistic Japanese interior.

If you are a fan of the Japanese concept minimalism, you are going to love a visit to Stiernan Ramen located in Gamla Stan in Stockholm. What initially used to be a cafรฉ (as Cafรฉ Stiernan) has the recent years evolved itself into to a ramen shop where the interior is as clean and focused as their actual offerings on the menu. Only decorated with dark wood, white walls and steel, there is barely even a distraction between you and your bowl once you get it served. Well, except maybe from all the heavy slurping going on around you.

With only three different types of ramen to choose from on the menu (Shoyu, Shio and Miso), the choice what to get has been rather simplified for you in advance. Something which is probably a good thing, since the waiting line to get inside fill up quickly during opening hours at Stiernan Ramen.

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ร–ฬˆsterlรฅnggatan 45, 111 31 Stockholm

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