Showcasing their high-end products in the best imaginable way at Östermalmshallen.

Unika is the Arla brands concept of premium cheeses made in collaboration with selected dairymen, chefs and other professionals for restaurants and home connoisseurs alike. The result of this collaboration lands in multiple high-end products that is possible to experience at the Arla Unika wine, cheese and coffee bar. Located on the outside wall of Östermalmshallen, Arla take their best products and present them in a delightful way where the products are really given room to shine.

The menu at Arla Unika changes, especially when new products take the stage in their sortiment. But items you likely will find on your visit would be a variant of a cheese pie or their take on a Croque Madame and Vitello Tonnato – all of which they combine with a range of wine and other matching drinks. The bar is a clever and well executed concept to showcase their products, and once you get hooked on their cheesy dishes then of course they have a range of their product for sale.

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Östermalmstorg 31, 114 39 Stockholm

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