One of the the best coffee bars in Malmö for a drop-in espresso or cappuccino on the go.

What makes a great coffee bar? First of all, the coffee beans. The second thing, the coffee beverages. A great croissant surely doesn’t hurt either. All of this is true at Solde amongst many other positive adjectives that can be said about this small little coffee bar serving up some of the best coffee you will find in the city. The beans are roasted at their own roastery and can also be bought to bring home with a range of different roasting profiles.

Since opening in 2010, very little has changed at Solde – and that is also one of the most enjoyable things appreciated by the regulars. It doesn’t take many reoccurring visits until both you and your coffee order becomes memorized by the staff and owners running the place. Solde is simply comparable to the friend who happens to also to make your favorite coffee while you spontaneously come over for a chatty talk about what’s new in life.

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Regementsgatan 2, 211 42 Malmö

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