Award winning gelato with a wide variety of flavour combinations that changes during the day.

Snö, the gelateria and caffetteria at Odengatan, is as popular as the large variety of flavors they are serving. But if you are looking at the menu and think that you have decided what flavours to get while waiting in line on a busy day, then get ready to revise your order while getting to the counter. Their gelato is being produced on the fly in the kitchen, and replaced with another, newly produced, combination as soon as another one go out.

The craft behind the gelato is owner Kenneth, awarded with the title “Swedens ice cream master” in 2018, who is making up flavor combinations such as watermelon with lemon, pistachio with raspberry, sorrel with pear and ginger and the list just keeps going on and on. Also, if you think you knew how big a large gelato in a cone might be – then order one and see what happens. Undersigned thought he did – but was mighty surprised by the final result! (Hint: it’s very tall…)

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Odengatan 92, 113 22 Stockholm

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