With a quest and mission to reduce food waste, SPILL serves a lunch every week on leftover groceries.

Spill means waste in Swedish, and that is the quite the contrary what this lunch restaurant is aiming for. Or if you want to dig even deeper into the reason – the reason why this restaurant was even opened in the first place by Erik and Ellinor, two kind souls with a lot of years in the restaurant business, was to find a way to reduce food waste in the industry by saving produce with short expiry dates and defects that likely would have made them end up anywhere but on someones plate at a restaurant.

And in a way, you can say that they are spill going strong. From what started as a small little shop and a more or less non-existent kitchen to now a massive one and serving up hundreds of hungry people every day. And even though they have said that the plan is to close this restaurant when they feel it has reached purpose in changing the industry mindset of food waste – they are still gaining popularity. Not only for their heartwarming mission – but by their equally lovable and uncomplex food that makes you want to go for a second round.

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Gängtappen, Stora Varvsgatan 11, 211 74 Malmö

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