Raising the bar to a new level on where to get the ultimate bowl of ramen in Stockholm.

Stop the presses – because Stockholm just got a new hot ramen bar in town! Or well, that is truth with a bit of modification since it’s not entirely only ramen being served from the Japanese kitchen of Tengu – but it’s definitely setting the bar high and adds a healthy dose of competition on the ramen scene as a whole. Their Dirty Shoyu with niboshi (dried sardines) in their broth adds deep, rich and a complete umami sensation to make your tastebuds dance over and over again.

Except for ramen you also find a couple of sharing dishes such as a variety of skewers (such as shiitake and pork neck) and other dishes and snacks from the Japanese kitchen. To drink you will also find a range of Japanese sake, beer and wine selected from the world. But really, all you just really want to continue drinking is the broth from the ramen itself. Yes, it’s that good!

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Rรฅdmansgatan 12, 114 25 Stockholm

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