Most likely the creamiest gelato you are able to chase down in all of Vienna. Period.

You might have come across Gelateria La Romana in other places than Vienna, first and foremost in Italy. But getting a bad reputation for being a chain is definitely not something that affects the product at Gelateria La Romana. With really good gelato, creamy as they could be in your wildest dreams, this shop is worth a visit while visiting Vienna. Even though the flavor cookies and cream is a popular at all gelato shops around Vienna, a warm recommendation is try their Biscotto Della Nonna. You will not regret it!

Just be aware that Gelateria La Romana open a bit later during the day at 15 (but keep open until 21.30), and while they do, expect long lines of people waiting to get their daily fix of Italian creaminess. Fortunately they are open every day of the week. Except for their fantastic gelato you can also other sweet delights such as gelato in a brioche bun, waffles and more.

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Stiftgasse 15-17, 1070 Vienna, Austria

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