Enjoy a wiener schnitzel the same way Sigmund Freud did at Meissl & Schadn - the good way.

You cannot go to Vienna without having a traditional wiener schnitzel, and the one at Meissl & Schadn is definitely one of the better one in the bunch when exploring what the city has to offer. Their schnitzel is always made of veil (as it should be), but the options how to get it fried is more than generous one could expect which lets you choose from vegetable oil, clarified butter or even lard if you like. Compose is with your own preference of sides or toppings – or go with their signature combination with Viennese garnish, wild cranberries and potato sallad. You will however you order it always get your schnitzel with a sardine and lemon on top.

And if you are not already full from stuffing yourself with schnitzel or other menu items from their generous list of Viennese dishes such as a range of soups or “Tafelspitz” you can fill the rest of the gap in your belly with a classic Apple strudel. They also have a large range of Austrian wines to enjoy, as well with other drinks. All served in a classic but fresh and modern atmosphere with options to sit both in or out, depending on your choice. And If you are curious on the magic behind the schnitzels in the kitchen – don’t worry, you can see it all in its full glory right when you walk through the main door (or directly from the windows on the outside).

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Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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