Uncomplicated but well made food cooked by a young chef with Italian roots in Pildammsparken.

Located in a small little shed next to Bloom in the Park, young chef Mose together with his friend Carl-Hugo is serving up a good selection of handmade sausages, granita, macarons and a daily special inspired by a morning walk to the vegetable market at Möllevångstorget. While here, Mose will take a tour to take a peek at the fresh produce offered by the sellers to bring a few favorites back to the kitchen.

Taking a walk to Pildammsparken for a visit at The Shack is always inspiring. There is always something new to try that is truly flavour packed to the brim, and always made by hand – no matter if it comes to the food, sauces, drinks or pastry. The sausages is a craft, the daily is carefully composed and just coming over to take a sip of their hand made granita is itself more than well worth a visit to enjoy on a warm and sunny day.

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Pildammsvägen 17, 214 66 Malmö

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