What you get for the price at this little shop, the falafel in newly baked bread from the oven is a steal.

If there is one dish that encapsulates the essence of Malmö, it’s definitely the falafel. But there is many ways to make a falafel, and if there is one thing that the people of Malmö expect is to have it offered it at a low price, being synonymous with being a dish for everyone. When looking for the most value per price for a falafel, Värnhems Falafel quickly sails up quickly on top with their take on it.

Crispy fresh and juicy falafel balls, handmade bread made in front of your eyes, baked in the pizza oven – topped with sauces and greens. Wrapped together for you to enjoy either on location (just know the location itself is very small) or to bring on the go. All for a price that’s a steal for what you get. The handmade bread makes all the difference, and is one of the reason why this place has gained a crowd.

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Lundavägen 1, 212 18 Malmö

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