Perhaps the most creamy artisan gelato you can find in the streets of Sรถdermalm.

Ask around by fellow foodies where to find the most creamy gelato in Sรถdermalm and then you will more than likely be pointed at the direction of a small but even better gelateria, Aryam. And not only is the gelato creamy – it’s also just downright delicious and a prime example of what great quality gelato is all about. Flavorful, balanced and just simply a pure delight for every bite that reflects the ingredients it’s based upon.

But you don’t serve great gelato without true craft(wo)manship, and the owner Hosanna with a background in pastry, has already been awarded multiple times for her gelato not only in Sweden but as well internationally. A more than well deserved quality mark for her product. At Aryam you will also finds other pastries such as handmade pralines to enjoy on location with a cup of coffee or to bring with you back home.

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Sankt Paulsgatan 3, 118 46 Stockholm

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