Malmös coolest kid on the block serving food over fire in the up-and-coming area of Varvsstaden.

The trio behind Aster consisting of Sahin, Linus and Mimmi is the result of many years of honing the skill within food, drinks and even dash of art. Take all of those combined and you are left with one of the most anticipated restaurant openings of 2021. Once opened, the anticipation turned into an instant success with European wines, classic cocktails and ingredients from nearby farmers cooked over open fire into rustic, modern and flavorful dishes.

Even though the menu at Aster is being changed regularly to reflect what is the best for the season (even so often you won’t even find the menu online), there is usually always some variation of a fish being served together with potatoes – which is an always warm recommendation. They also have their signature dolmas, a family recipe of Sahin, which is a good way to kickstart the evening.

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Learn how to make Asters signature aubergine dolmas

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Jagaregatan 6, 211 19 Malmö

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