Where fish ends up getting fried to perfection and served together with tartar sauce and fries.

What sets aside a good fish & chips from a really great one? Is it the fries? Is it the tartar sauce? Is it the fish? No matter what one might argue is the best definition – Blå Hoddan has it all. This small little fishing hut even looks like the perfect cover up of a restaurant. Selling freshly caught fish in the front, with an outdoor seating in the back where you can enjoy the sun while waiting for greatness to arrive.

It isn’t only fish & chips you will find on the menu however, fried herring with lingon and mashed potatoes and fish tacos are there as well to still your cravings for fish. Going to Blå Hoddan is the perfect small and walkable day trip in the city that the whole family with all including relatives will enjoy. Just expect a little bit of waiting time in the busy lunch hours.

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Banérskajen 13, 211 18 Malmö

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