If you are doing a trip for the best of what Skåne has to offer, steer your route to the docks of Hörte.

A roadtrip in Skåne is not far from complete without a dear visit to Hörte Hamn in Skivarp. There lies Hörte Brygga, a cozy restaurant where the salty air from the nearby boat harbor is present and where the local ingredients follow the seasons. During the day their signature basket takes the spotlight, filled to the brim with greens (served as raw, picked or with other methods), mixtures, smoked meats and more.

The food at Hörte Brygga is rustically beautiful, uncomplicated and simply packed with flavors that makes your tastebuds do a pirouette inside your mouth out of happiness. If you want to explore their wine selection, they have a wide range of wines selected from all over the world with a common denominator of being a good reflection of its equivalent heritage.

Even though you likely already are more than full from all of the wonderful produce in the basket, a strong recommendation is not to give up before you have also have tried out their almond cake with jam. And then, when you think you can’t take any more, top it all off with some artisan soft ice cream from their small shop Bee Kind Ice Cream located in their backyard.

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Hörte Hamn, 274 54 Skivarp

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