The gastronome's second living room where culinary art meets an equally excellent beverage selection.

Ring on the doorbell and wait a couple of seconds for the burgundy-colored door to open and be let in to the world of Embassy. The restaurant used to go under the name of Embassy of Sagrantinia, but due to a recent owner change the name has been shortened, the menu has been sharpened and the strict dress code has been loosened. What is still more or less the same however is the great atmosphere on two floors, their signature Gin & Tonic and their dedication to serve high-quality wines.

The menu at Embassy is fixed and comes in different sizes ranging from 5 servings for the smallest one (Attaché) and up to 11 for the large one (President’s). The food itself is elegant, creative and most importantly delicious – but as well very approachable both for the fanatic gastronome to the casual guest looking for a good restaurant experience in an intimate where you and your dining companions is at the midpoint.

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Västergatan 31a, 211 21 Malmö

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