Putting you on an express flight to the streets of Italy, and the best it has to offer.

Farina, the Italian word for flour, is a small but hidden bakery at the backstreets of Mรถllan. A hidden gem for the one who wants to indulge in an uncomplicated piece of Italy where the common denominator is dough on italian flour. On the list of items on the menu you will find buttery sweet brioche and croissants, sourdough bread and other things that might happen to be be in season – such as the popular Maritozzo, the italian sister to the semla.

Farina is one of those places where you can just like in Italy easily drop in during the day for an uncomplicated breakfast, fika or lunch in a small but casual and relaxed environment where you can also watch the products being made if you manage to get one of their extremely limited seats inside. If you also manage to save yourself until 11:30 then going for a pizza Bianco together with a Chinotto is definitely a recommendation on what to order.

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Kristianstadsgatan 8, 214 23 Malmรถ

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