Still a king on the street when it comes to serve one of the best lunches in Malmö. Period.

You don’t become one of the best lunch places in the city without serving up a few portions. And oh boy have Ola and Sebastian at Saltimporten Canteen been doing just that for many years now, while kept refining and experimenting with different flavor combinations, textures and produce from the season. Every weekday they are serving up a new dish at their location, placed in an industrial area just a brisk walk or short bike ride from the central station of Malmö.

While eating the food at Saltimporten Canteen it’s easy to forget sometimes what a craft behind the plate it actually is. Even though the daily menu is short and sweet and nothing but a daily and vegetarian option, the food is more than easily appreciated and taken to heart by the many. A clear sign of robust understanding within combining flavors in the kitchen, and turning it into a rustic, beautiful and modern dish with nordic flavors.

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Grimsbygatan 24, 211 20 Malmö

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