Well made lunch offering every weekday with an signature steak tartare on the menu.

Take two flavour confident chefs with an affection for competing in culinary competitions and the result crystallizes as Lokal 17. From what started with running the kitchen of a popular hotel in Malmö has now evolved to somewhat of a restaurant empire with multiple locations, catering  and a few always signature dishes on the menu. 

Even though Lokal 17 used to serve a menu on the evening aswell, they have now put it aside to put their focus on the lunch hours of their main location (their new smaller location on Hansa does this, however). Every weekday they are serving up a new dish which best can be described as modern take on swedish classics as well as other combinations portraying flavours from the nordics – always carefully balanced with acidity, salt and fat. Their signature take on the steak tartare is a dish that has followed along and been refined for years, and is a prime example of this balance that truly defines the kitchen of Lokal 17.

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Learn how to make Lokal 17s signature Steak Tartare

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Hjälmarekajen 17, 211 19 Malmö

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