Well-made Palestinian streetfood signed Nidal Kersh and Jenny Hedström.

At this small restaurant located at the city streets of Södermalm you will find yourself with flavor-packed Palestinian stews stuffed on the inside of a newly baked pita as fluffy as your dreams. Forget what you previously thought a pita bread is supposed to be, because this take on it is more or less what you would expect from a focaccia when it’s at it’s best. Pita is not only what they are really good at making, it’s also the name of the actual location. And it might even be the name of your next favourite place to go for street food.

Choose from a variety of combinations from the menu, such as Betlehem with lamb with veal, sumak, pickles and tahini or perhaps Beit Jala with Musaka’a on grilled aubergine, chickpeas and tomato sauce with tzatziki and olives. The flavors feel downright familiar – but the concept feels at the same time completely new. The owners Nidal and Jenny manages to bring something different and exciting to the food scene that leaves you with a more than pleasant aftertaste that wants you to come back again soon for more.

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Götgatan 96, 118 62 Stockholm

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