Refined Italian classics and creative signatures. This is pizza signed by Sandra Mastio.

Located next to a charming boat harbour on Limhamn, this restaurant have gained it’s popularity with pizzas thar are fluffy, crispy and with edges that have been oiled up for a final last touch. On the menu their take on the classic Margherita, ”Maggan”, shows why picking high quality products together in with local produce can elevate a pizza – especially on top of a pizza dough that has been perfected over time to its ultimate state.

But it isn’t only the Margherita on the menu that has gotten a slight alteration for the better. When it comes to the other rotating pizzas on the menu the combinations are indeed very creative experiments, and the harmony of flavours put together works extremely well. Who would have thought that putting baked pointed cabbage with cherries and mint on a pizza could work? Sandra, the owner of Mastio, did. And it’s delicious!

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Dragörkajen 1a, 216 12 Limhamn

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