The success from Denmark-based Mikkeller has finally noodled itself over the bridge.

While the ramen scene in Stockholm and Copenhagen were flourishing at its best, the question was only when the ramen trend was going to really kick it off in Malmö as well. Then, finally, the news dropped in 2020 that the Danish Mikkeller owned Ramen to Bíiru was planning to open in Malmö, which it did in 2021. Ever since then the city been blessed with traditional style of Japanese ramen combined together with an equally great sortiment of beer and long opening hours.

The menu is a bit shorter than compared to its other Danish locations, but with that said there is really nothing to be disappointed about from a visit at Ramen to Bíiru in Malmö. The Spicy Miso Ramen is creamy, flavorful and hot (with an option to choose from spiciness level 1-4) and the Shoyu Ramen is rich, balanced and topped with delicious thin layered pork neck. If you are looking for some Vegan options, then be rest assured there is some takes on a Miso ramen (spicy or not spicy), but topped with tofu instead.

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Simrishamnsgatan 10, 214 23 Malmö

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