Taking the success of Lu, but wrapping it in a southeast asian take based on greens.

Right next to it’s meat-focused cantonese sibling restaurant on Davidshall, Rau opened in 2021 with a contrast to instead serve southeast asian food based on greens. Once again, just as LU, it’s the result of Luong and his mother Kim – a duo that keeps on doing wonders for the food scene in Malmรถ. But even though they are on somewhat of a mission to recreate and serve classic Vietnamese dishes based on greens you will also find some other custom creations from the kitchen to inspire your tastebuds.

Even though their menu is being switched out periodically, some of their favorite dishes happen to pop back up from time to time. If you lucky enough to make a visit at Rau while they are serving up dishes such as tossed noodles, tofu with ginger and spicy cabbage they are a recommendations to try out just as well as their fake duck that could fool even a carnivore that it’s actually the real deal with its surprisingly skin-like texture.

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Davidshallstorg 3, 211 45 Malmรถ

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