This small gelato spot shows why nobody should put soft ice cream in the corner.

Could there be anything more soft in this world than the ice cream at Mjuk Mjuk? Perhaps, but definitely not as delicious. At this small little shop soft ice cream is king – and it’s showcasing it in everything from a Friday taco, gelato bun, sundae and even as a float with cider. And while you’re at it – how about topping it with torched marshmallow, brownies or even cornflake crunch? Well, you can likely already hear for yourself what a treat visit here is going to be.

But it isn’t only when it comes to the toppings where it gets all fun and creative – the flavors is equally interesting. Even though they will likely have something new on the menu when you are reading this, you can at least expect a soft ice cream with a flavor profile with something in the region of cinnamon bun, cold brew or fior di latte. The owner Jeremy has truly added something new to the food scene in Sweden, and for now we can only dream of finding Mjuk Mjuk shops outside of Stockholm aswell.

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Hagagatan 37, 113 47 Stockholm

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