Great beer and smoked meats by Mikkeller hiding in the lush garden of Moriskan.

In the garden of Moriskan hides a collaboration with danish brewing company Mikkeller, where great beer meets burgers, brisket and other meats and non-meats being offered for the season. Even though the collaboration between Moriskan in Folkets Park and Mikkeller initially started as a pop-up a few years back (and still count as one), it’s been so successful to the point where it’s more or less an expected element to appear year after year together with good weather and company.

Take the time to explore their generous selection of beer, which can be had both in smaller and larger options. Pair this together with some of their brisket smoked for 16 hours and you are good to go for a pleasant and laid back hang with a lively and delightful surrounding of people, conversations and last but not least music surrounded in an atmosphere covered with trees. From time to time they also offer live music, so have a look on their socials what’s happening next at Mikkeller in Moriskans Trädgård.

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Norra Parkgatan 2, 214 22 Malmö

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