Wide range of authentic Chinese dishes, being served up in the city center of Lund.

You know you are on to something when there is more people from Asia eating at this restaurant in Lund than Swedes are. And that is the case at Mui Gong that offers a wide range of authentic dishes from China. With a chef with over 26 years from cooking food in the mentioned country, this is all but a concept restaurant. With everything from more well known dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu and Dan Dan noodles to ones you likely never heard of or ever tasted, specifically in Lund. You can also order Chinese fondue, hot pot, if you wish to spend some longer time with friends and family in the restaurant.

Except from their wide a la carte menu during the evening, Mui Gong is also open for lunch in the weekdays with a few different options to choose from changed every day. No matter the time of the day you make you visit however, you have the option to sit either inside or outside to enjoy your Chinese dishes. With more than decent prices on the menu, not making a visit to Mui Gong while in Lund is a miss.

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Kyrkogatan 21, 222 22 Lund

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