Malmö just got itself a "sort of" new cantonese restaurant in town, hanging ducks included.

For some people, Open Rice might sound like a familiar name even though it though it feels like they just opened in early 2022. The reason why is because they used to be located inside a foodcourt at Kronprinsen, and at that time only serving buffet. That is no longer the case, and now they have changed their focus to serve up authentic dishes from the cantonese kitchen in a small shop at Östra Tullgatan where the roasted ducks and other meats are hanging from a heating cabinet just like you would want to expect, but rarely experience.

The food is all pure comfort, and the portions are generous leaving you all together with a happy belly after chowing down on the cantonese classics such as Char Siu (BBQ Pork), Siu Yuk, Kung Pao Chicken and more – all for a good price together with either rice or noodles topped with an addictively good sweet ginger.

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Östra Tullgatan 5, 211 28 Malmö

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