They even said it themselves on their sign. Rekas is, very well indeed, worth a try.

Finding Rekas is really not something you just manage to stumble over by chance in the city. In the outskirts of Malmรถ placed in the same building as a supermarket, a sign at the end of the building teases with an offering of burgers and a text in italic mentioning “Worth a try”. Walking around the corner and ordering a burger – that recommendation is something that indeed can be signed off on.

The menu holds a good number of combinations, but some things that is true for all of them is the fluffy bread and smash burgers that is crispy on the outside, and juicy on the inside – just like you want them. Oh, and before you head back after having satisfied your meaty desires – take a peek into their connecting meat shop for something to continue your party again back home.

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Tornfalksgatan 9, 215 60 Malmรถ

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