All day eatery as a revitalized new take on the previous foodie pleaser Bastard.

For the one who have been a guest at the time when this place was still referred to as Bastard, a lot of what defined it (the type of food being one) will still feel familiar today after its recent transformation to Ruths. But even though there are many things that feels like before – there is equally many things that doesn’t. From what used to be solely an evening restaurant, Ruths is instead an all day eatery where you can get your breakfast, lunch, fika and dinner from 7pm to midnight, every day of the week.

Whereas the food (served as medium to large sized dishes) at Ruths is rustic, with a modern take on European flavors with a dash of the nordics the pastry and other baked goods express as much artisan qualities as you would expect it to be from a French patisserie. If all of this isn’t enough to get you all excited you can also jump in any time during the day to shop some greens and other produce for your culinary explorations at home from their carefully curated deli.

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Mäster Johansgatan 11, 211 21 Malmö

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