Swedish husman as a DIY takeaway concept when it’s at its best.

On the inner walking streets of Lund lies an interesting concept that serves up well prepared husman, as a build-your-own-plate kind of thing and offering it as take-away (they do have some very few limited seats, however) for an affordable price. An excellent idea apparently since it has quickly become a beloved spot for all lunch-eaters in the city, which is revealed by the lines outside during rush hours. And we can confirm it’s worth the lines.

But don’t let the wait discard you from a visit – the time to get a meal is only a few short minutes away, as long as you can decide on what to pick from the menu itself that is. Choose from the main dishes (meat, fish or vegetable), decide on a type of potatoes, what sauce you would like and lastly two extra additions such as green peas, pickled cucumber or something else very Swedish and you are on your way for a feast.

Swedish Express is a really nice addition to the Lund food scene, and it’s also such a concept why you wonder it hasn’t expanded further than so yet. In our opinion, it’s only a matter of time until we will see a Swedish Express in more or less every Swedish city…

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Klostergatan 11, 222 22 Lund

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