Your guide to the Swedish food scene.

From countless of hours eating, taking photos, writing, working late nights and last but not least sweat it’s finally here! is your brand new digital guide to the Swedish food scene and adjacent cities, so you will have inspiration at hand literally at your fingertips at all times.

At you will be able to deep dive in to our guides, recommendations, stories, interviews and even signature recipes from popular restaurants and bars across the country.

How the project came to be is still a young project, but the background leading up to it is 14 years within writing and 8 years specifically about food. So it is, for sure, not the first time on the rodeo. With a background in running previous sites such as Allt om Burgare and Skitgott to freelance writing for Gourmet and Galore Weekend, honing the craft within writing about the food and beverage area ultimately have led to the site you are currently reading on.

From eating and drinking at more than 400 restaurants in MalmΓΆ alone, and almost 100 locations in Stockholm, I sure have found a few gems along the way that I think is worth a recommended visit – places which you will find presented on this site categorized by cities and tags. At launch more than 120+ recommendations will be covered, but the backlog of places to be added is still long – so stay hungry while new recommendations is being added on a regular basis.

Launching a new guide covering the Swedish food scene is of course no small feat, and there is still a lot of places left to explore. And that is completely fine – that’s the beauty of working with digital medias to be able to be flexible, fast-paced and available to everyone, at all times. See this as a complement to your other sources of inspiration on where to go and what to eat.

I hope that you will like it, find it inspiring and a useful tool on your journey to experience great food.

Pierre Orsander


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