Some of our top recommendations on where to eat, drink and have a fika in Malmö, Sweden.

  • Malmö Saluhall

    Malmö Saluhall

    Food market with some of the finest street food options you will find in entire Malmö.

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  • San Marco

    San Marco

    Napolitan style pizzas served up at a hidden gem of a local pizzeria on a side-street of Nobelvägen.

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  • Ur Vår Jord

    Ur Vår Jord

    The best definition of what a real salad should be, located on Gourmetboulevarden in Malmö.

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  • Bar Kiosko

    Bar Kiosko

    A bustling bar and restaurant on Nobelvägen with highly likeable mediterranean dishes, wine and beer.

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  • Di Penco

    Di Penco

    Simple, uncomplicated and down to earth hiding in a basement with homemade pasta, deli and more.

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  • Brogatan


    Popular location gets a revival with a new and buzzing atmosphere designed to attract a new crowd of regulars.

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  • Liket


    Cocktails and party mode in the evenings at this bar from the team at restaurant Riket.

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  • Gustavino


    Italian wines, porchetta and more with a cozy lively ambience at Stortorget in Malmö.

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  • Art of Spices

    Art of Spices

    Autentic indian flavors and dishes at Bergsgatan that leaves with a feeling of coming back for more.

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  • Hyllie Bryggeri Taproom

    Hyllie Bryggeri Taproom

    Experience the taproom home for one of most lovable darlings on the beer scene of Malmö.

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  • Kin Long

    Kin Long

    Being the oldest Chinese restaurant in the city has not stopped Kin Long from constantly improving.

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  • Edomae


    Delivering an authentic omakase experience at the centre square of Västra Hamnen.

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  • Gaji


    A pulsating bar signed chef Jennie Walldén focusing on cocktails made with high quality ingredients.

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  • Atrium


    A lively neighborhood café popular for their breakfast, brunch and fika offerings.

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  • Sushi Rebellion

    Sushi Rebellion

    Sushi and other rebellious dishes inspired from the world by award winning chef Pepi Anevski.

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  • SOHO


    Cocktails and asian eatery with an atmosphere tailored for the ultimate date night experience.

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  • Friis14


    French, Swedish and Chilean flavors combined in a bistro with a lot of heart and and good wines.

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  • Namu


    When Korean flavors gets infused with nordic ingredients, the result is nothing but a perfect match.

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  • Bouchon


    A bistro at its finest when classic French flavors and great wines dance together in harmony.

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  • China Snack

    China Snack

    Authentic dishes from the Sichuan kitchen, cooked as a cultural exchange by Sihan.

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  • Söderholmens Fisk

    Söderholmens Fisk

    Seafood in all of its forms, located at Malmö Saluhall as a combined shop and restaurant.

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  • Bullen


    A long standing institution in Malmö, with beer, husman and likely the most loyal guests.

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  • AVA Vinbar

    AVA Vinbar

    A cozy bar located at Karlskronaplan, with natural wines and a perfect spot to relax in the sun.

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  • Clemens Kött & Husman

    Clemens Kött & Husman

    Meat store and restaurant combined, offering traditional Swedish husman together with dishes on meat.

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  • Marvin


    A little piece of food culture from Great Britain, served at Davidshall in Malmö.

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  • Sauvage


    Natural wines and beautifully composed food, packaged in a small but cozy atmosphere.

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  • Mikkeller Moriskans Trädgård

    Mikkeller Moriskans Trädgård

    Great beer and smoked meats by Mikkeller hiding in the lush garden of Moriskan.

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  • PåRis


    Finely tuned balance of flavors and textures in the shape of a poké bowls, located in Malmö Saluhall.

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  • Dosirak


    Hole-in-the-wall restaurant with big heart, comfort food and authentic Korean flavors.

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  • Elsa


    Wine bar and restaurant with flavors from the world, packaged together with a sustainable focus.

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  • Johan P

    Johan P

    The ultimate institution when it comes to enjoying seafood in Malmö.

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  • Open Rice

    Open Rice

    Malmö just got itself a “sort of” new cantonese restaurant in town, hanging ducks included.

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  • BISe


    The lovechild of Arvid and Ludvig offering an all-in-one cocktail bar, wine bar and restaurant.

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  • l’Acquafarina


    With dough so fluffy you could have sworn you were on an Italian pizza cloud.

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  • Dubbel Dubbel

    Dubbel Dubbel

    Double up on your drinks and deep dive into the feast at this casual dim sum restaurant.

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  • Mygel


    Brunch, lunch and dinner with a dash of Italian cuisine in the industrial areas of Malmö.

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  • Vollmers


    Refined fine dining reaching for the stars in a cozy environment signed by the Vollmers brothers.

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  • Laziza


    Popular Lebanese lunch and weekend brunch offering that is worthwhile your wait in the line.

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  • Barkin’ Sandwich

    Barkin’ Sandwich

    Here you won’t be barking up the wrong tree looking for a great sandwich.

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  • Scandwich


    The brothers of the Lind family redefining what a sandwich is. And let us tell you – it’s loaded!

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  • Quê


    Taking the flavors from Vietnam and putting them together into a refined experience.

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  • Care/Of


    Sit down, enjoy a cocktail and feel taken care of at this cocktail bar with a unique atmosphere.

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  • Falafel & Burgers

    Falafel & Burgers

    Setting the bar unexpectedly high on what defines a great burger and falafel dish.

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  • Lyran


    A cozy atmosphere and a menu that offers the best of the local produce for the day.

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  • Pivo


    A single great Czech beer on tap, and traditional classic dishes to accompany it.

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  • Malmøboxen


    Uncomplicated take-away lunch offering with maximised flavors of the chosen ingredients.

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  • Folkets Pops

    Folkets Pops

    Bike with handmade ice pops evolves to a fully fledged ice cream shop and café in Augustenborg.

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  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette

    Food for sharing, tilted chandeliers and a great atmosphere that asks for cocktails and bubbles.

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  • Lokal 17

    Lokal 17

    Well made lunch offering every weekday with an signature steak tartare on the menu.

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  • Kontrast Ghee by the Sea

    Kontrast Ghee by the Sea

    Keep calm and curry on eating the well made indian dishes at Kontrast with an excellent sea view.

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  • Mutantur


    A modern restaurant by Alexander Sjögen serving up beautiful small to medium sharing dishes.

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  • Rau


    Taking the success of Lu, but wrapping it in a southeast asian take based on greens.

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  • Ramen to Bíiru

    Ramen to Bíiru

    The success from Denmark-based Mikkeller has finally noodled itself over the bridge.

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  • Mastio


    Refined Italian classics and creative signatures. This is pizza signed by Sandra Mastio.

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  • Sture 1912

    Sture 1912

    Malmös latest and greatest brasserie on a location based on a longstanding history of Adelgatan.

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  • Ruths


    All day eatery as a revitalized new take on the previous foodie pleaser Bastard.

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  • Rekas Burgers

    Rekas Burgers

    They even said it themselves on their sign. Rekas is, very well indeed, worth a try.

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  • Papi


    When it comes to Italian food, this small little eatery even gives Italy itself a run for their money.

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  • Via Palermo

    Via Palermo

    The traditional sweet flavors of Sicily, in the calm and sunny neighborhood of Ribersborg.

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  • LU


    Showcasing the very best of what to expect from cantonese street food at the heart of Davidshall.

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  • Noi


    Neapolitan pizza well worth the travel to the industrial areas of Malmö.

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  • SOI 29

    SOI 29

    Doing the hard work of taking the authentic true flavors of thai food across borders.

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  • Bōru Bowl Bar

    Bōru Bowl Bar

    Setting a golden standard in Malmö on what a bowl should be and taste like.

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  • Casual Street Food

    Casual Street Food

    Cheeseburgers, chicken waffles and all the other deep cravings your inner self is longing for.

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  • St. Jakobs Glass

    St. Jakobs Glass

    Showcasing that a bakery just as well can possess the power of making artisan ice cream and sorbet.

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  • Embassy


    The gastronome’s second living room where culinary art meets an equally excellent beverage selection.

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  • Blå Hoddan

    Blå Hoddan

    Where fish ends up getting fried to perfection and served together with tartar sauce and fries.

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  • Sushibaren


    Do you think it would take endless years of training in Japan to master the art of sushi? Coulter McAbery couldn’t prove you more wrong.

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  • Farina


    Putting you on an express flight to the streets of Italy, and the best it has to offer.

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  • Såjja


    Casual style dumpling bar with a focused menu offering and affordable prices.

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  • Saltimporten Canteen

    Saltimporten Canteen

    Still a king on the street when it comes to serve one of the best lunches in Malmö. Period.

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  • Two Forks

    Two Forks

    When you want to chow down on a creamy hummus with delicious friends, Two Forks is the place to go.

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  • The Shack

    The Shack

    Uncomplicated but well made food cooked by a young chef with Italian roots in Pildammsparken.

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  • Maya Cantina

    Maya Cantina

    Malmö has finally got itself a cantina with tacos, traditional Mexican dishes, mezcal and more.

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  • Patisserie David

    Patisserie David

    A sweet bite of the best from French pastry together with a dash of Portugal.

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  • Gyros Pita

    Gyros Pita

    Greek street food when it is at it’s absolute best, wrapped in a crispy pita and filled with gyros.

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  • Aster


    Malmös coolest kid on the block serving food over fire in the up-and-coming area of Varvsstaden.

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  • Korvolle


    Because a good sausage is much more than just a belly-filler, and Korvolle is a prime example.

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  • Spill


    With a quest and mission to reduce food waste, SPILL serves a lunch every week on leftover groceries.

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  • St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri

    St. Jakobs Stenugnsbageri

    A delicious bakery where the cardamon buns is the ying and great coffee the yang.

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  • Grand Malmö

    Grand Malmö

    This popular bar hidden in Möllevången now offers a smaller selection of asian dishes and ramen.

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  • Restaurang MAT

    Restaurang MAT

    Serving up a great lunch every weekday, often with a modern twist on Swedish flavors.

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  • Kockeriet


    Casual fine dining with refined and beautiful dishes served in a snug and cozy atmosphere.

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  • Bar Italia

    Bar Italia

    Small Italian café at a prime location in Västra Hamnen with coffee, artisan gelato, wine and food.

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  • Dolce Sicilia

    Dolce Sicilia

    Jump into this small Italian spot for a classic espresso, creamy gelato or a pasta with pesto.

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  • Västergatan


    If you enjoy a calm and casual dining experience with great food, then you are bound to love Västergatan.

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  • L’enoteca


    The obvious choice for the wine lover looking to find a second home.

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  • Värnhems Falafel

    Värnhems Falafel

    What you get for the price at this little shop, the falafel in newly baked bread from the oven is a steal.

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  • Bageri Leve

    Bageri Leve

    Artisan bakery serving bread on sourdough from stone oven and ever so popular vegan donuts.

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  • Lillies


    Malmös latest dim sum bar located in the previously not so secret inner bar at MJ’S.

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  • MJ’S


    Pronounced flavors from the Mediterranean in an atmosphere that make inside feel like outside.

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  • Saikō


    Sushi, sashimi, wontons and other food with inspiration from the Japanese kitchen together with ingredients heavily sourced from the nordics.

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  • Opopoppa


    Opopoppa offers a selection of really good and crispy pizza slices for very affordable prices.

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  • Favvo Glass

    Favvo Glass

    Without a doubt the best artisan ice cream you are able to find in Malmö located at Malmö Saluhall.

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  • Köld


    Unexpected combinations of flavors that works so well it challenges the concept on what ice cream can be.

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  • Poms Mackor

    Poms Mackor

    Classic and iconic sandwiches, smashed potatoes and a good beer selection to accompany it.

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  • Pink Head Noodle Bar

    Pink Head Noodle Bar

    A bar that keeps evolving to keep itself in the forefront of delivering the best noodles in the city.

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  • Solde Kaffebar

    Solde Kaffebar

    One of the the best coffee bars in Malmö for a drop-in espresso or cappuccino on the go.

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