Some of our top recommendations on where to eat, drink and have a fika in Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Hasselsson


    Slide in on a shrimp sandwich for fast food from the sea made right, located in Majorna.

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  • Angeli


    Lively wine-focused bar door to door with it’s more fully fledged popular sister-bar and restaurant Bar la Lune.

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  • Bar Bruno

    Bar Bruno

    Intimate dark neon-lit cocktail bar with a pulsating vibe and seasonally inspired cocktails.

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  • Bord 27

    Bord 27

    Wine bistro with heartwarming staff and excellent wines to pair with the fantastic food.

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  • Bar Bulot

    Bar Bulot

    A relaxed food and wine bar located inside of Stora Saluhallen in Gothenburg with focus on local produce.

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  • La Strega

    La Strega

    Trattoria with a lot of charm and heartwarming cuisine with inspiration from northern Italy.

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  • Human


    Nordic seasonally based cuisine with high ambitions, warmth and a lot of attention to detail.

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  • Adamo


    Creative cocktails in a sober interior, with ambition of being one of the best bars in Gothenburg.

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  • Vega Bryggeri

    Vega Bryggeri

    Craft brewery and taproom, located in the industrial area of Ringön in Gothenburg.

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  • Gerd


    Small and cosy coffee bar, packed with good coffee, pastry and a lot of heart.

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  • Björk & Bambu

    Björk & Bambu

    Fusion between the nordic and asian kitchen that ends up in a delicate harmony.

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  • Hoze


    José Cerdá is taking the concept of kaizen and applying it to a Japanese omakase experience.

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  • Jinx Food Truck

    Jinx Food Truck

    One of the best baos you can find in Sweden, served from a food truck in Gothenburg.

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  • Wine Mechanics

    Wine Mechanics

    Where wine gets their wildest time of their life while being produced and drunk together with casual food.

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