Some of our top recommendations on where to eat, drink and have a fika in Stockholm.

  • AG


    The ultimate place to go when you are craving a really nice cut of meat in central Stockholm.

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  • Grus Grus

    Grus Grus

    The sister bar to heritage-filled restaurant Tranan with a focus on natural and biodynamic wines.

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  • AIRA


    Seasonal produce bonded together with an elegant presentation, surrounded by beautiful scenery.

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  • Brasserie Astoria

    Brasserie Astoria

    Old cinema turned into a brasserie with well refined classic dishes, part of the Frantzén Group.

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  • Babette


    Locate the rooster for a guest-focused restaurant with wine, pizza and medium sized dishes.

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  • Frantzén


    Björn Franzén with team delivers on all senses with high quality nordic ingredients and Japanese techniques.

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  • Maxos


    Palestinian street food at its best run by the Kersh family with falafel, hummus, shawarma and more.

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  • Bird


    Bring yourself a wingman or woman and devour yourself in fried chicken galore.

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  • Xulo


    Casual Mexican eatery with generous opening hours and well-made tacos, burritos and ceviche.

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  • Lucy’s Flower Shop

    Lucy’s Flower Shop

    A modern speakeasy cocktail bar, with a generous list of signature cocktails.

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  • A Bar Called Gemma

    A Bar Called Gemma

    Neighborhood cocktail bar favored by locals and bartenders with a cozy interior and great cocktails.

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  • Tengu


    Raising the bar to a new level on where to get the ultimate bowl of ramen in Stockholm.

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  • Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessen

    Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessen

    Deli, bar and restaurant serving up wine, rustic food and a mean reuben as a signature.

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  • Sempre Espresso Bar

    Sempre Espresso Bar

    The quickest way to experience Italian coffee culture in the middle of the center backstreets of Stockholm.

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  • Savant Bar

    Savant Bar

    A bar that focuses on coffee during the day and dig into natural wines during the evening.

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  • Francis Francis

    Francis Francis

    A prime example on why one shouldn’t underestimate the greatness of soft ice cream.

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  • Café Nizza

    Café Nizza

    A no-fuzz restaurant where Italian and French cuisine gets to meet in a symbiosis.

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  • Tjoget


    An exceptional bar serving up iconic cocktails while also offering beer, wine and dine.

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  • Amida Kolgrill

    Amida Kolgrill

    Well made adana, döner and more with flavors of the orient at the local favorite in Södermalm.

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  • La Neta

    La Neta

    Follow the pink sign to unveil the truth of where to find some really good tacos and quesadillas.

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  • Fosch Artisan Patisserie

    Fosch Artisan Patisserie

    Pastries as delicious as they are beautiful in this artisan patisserie in the center of Stockholm.

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  • Stikki Nikki

    Stikki Nikki

    This pink ice cream shop is popular for a good reason with day-fresh handmade gelato.

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  • Pita


    Well-made Palestinian streetfood signed Nidal Kersh and Jenny Hedström.

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  • Aryam


    Perhaps the most creamy artisan gelato you can find in the streets of Södermalm.

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  • Hantverket


    Creative takes on classics and other inspiring dishes in a great atmopshere signed Stefan Ekengren.

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  • Mjuk Mjuk

    Mjuk Mjuk

    This small gelato spot shows why nobody should put soft ice cream in the corner.

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  • Stiernan Ramen

    Stiernan Ramen

    Ramen offerings as focused as their equally minimalistic Japanese interior.

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  • 800 Grader Slice Shop

    800 Grader Slice Shop

    This little pizza shop at Södermalm gives the most delicious slices for the smallest of prices.

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  • Arla Unika

    Arla Unika

    Showcasing their high-end products in the best imaginable way at Östermalmshallen.

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  • Sandhäxan


    Sandwiches literally bewitched with cheese, bread and an inescapable food coma.

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  • Brunos Korvbar

    Brunos Korvbar

    Doubled up sausages, crispy bread and an overall icon when it comes to eating a hot dog in Stockholm.

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  • Drop Coffee Roasters

    Drop Coffee Roasters

    When it comes to the craft of coffee in Stockholm, Drop Coffee Roasters is the place to experience it.

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  • Ai Ramen

    Ai Ramen

    With all the new ramen places popping up in Stockholm, Ai Ramen is still one of the best.

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  • Robin Delselius Bageri

    Robin Delselius Bageri

    Take a break from the busy streets of Södermalm and enjoy the atmosphere where great pastry is served.

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  • Surfers


    Asian restaurant with a wide menu of spicy dishes, chinese spirits and overall good cocktails.

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  • Snö


    Award winning gelato with a wide variety of flavour combinations that changes during the day.

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