The hip hop artist, producer, entrepreneur and wine enthusiast Petter Alexis Askergren shares his top 5 favorite wine bars to visit in Sweden.

Even though Moët and extremely expensive wine has a strong place in his song “Det går bra nu”, hip hop artist, producer and entrepreneur Petter Alexis Askergren has grown a larger interest in wines than French champagne and bottle with a high price tag. With his now later found interest for food in general, Petter has also developed a profound interest in wines, and especially so for the ones with an Italian heritage.

Today he runs a wine import business and even has a few bottles of his own under the brand P.LEX. With such large interest in wines, we just had to ask him what his top 5 favourite wine bars in Sweden is.

La Banca

Norra Järnvägsgatan 35, 827 32 Ljusdal

“Actually both a restaurant and a wine bar, but it’s so freeing and nice to see small places pop up in smaller cities with an ambition and also manage to do it really well. Maria is the captain of the ship, and if you are on a transit between Åre and Stockholm this is a given stop!”


Swedenborgsgatan 1, 118 48 Stockholm

“Perfectly located on Swedenborgsgatan, right next to Mariatorget. Glass covered outdoor seating where you can sit all year round. Loads of good wines on glass and bottle. Carl Frosterud, previously Frantzén, is consultant.”

Combo Odengatan

Odengatan 52, 113 51 Stockholm

“Jens “Dimman” Lundqvist is a friend so of course there is some conflict of interest, but i don’t care about that because his taste in wines I can back up to 100%. Nice atmosphere and good hang.”


Västergatan 6C, 211 21 Malmö

“Erik och Attila was early on the ball with this wine bar and this is where I usually go if I’m visiting Malmö.
The principle is simple – wine should taste good and that is something they have managed to do well with their sortiment.”


Kyrkogatan 17, 222 22 Lund

“I like Erik Schneider and Attila. They create a good mood, have affordable wines and the location at Lenoteket you simply do not joke away. A very nice water hole in Lund. Erik is wise as a book when it comes to wine, and he is today now an official ambassador for Italian wines.”


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