At these locations a good glass of wine or cocktail is just the beginning.

  • Lucy’s Flower Shop

    Lucy’s Flower Shop

    A modern speakeasy cocktail bar, with a generous list of signature cocktails.

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  • A Bar Called Gemma

    A Bar Called Gemma

    Neighborhood cocktail bar favored by locals and bartenders with a cozy interior and great cocktails.

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  • Savant Bar

    Savant Bar

    A bar that focuses on coffee during the day and dig into natural wines during the evening.

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  • Tjoget


    An exceptional bar serving up iconic cocktails while also offering beer, wine and dine.

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  • Arla Unika

    Arla Unika

    Showcasing their high-end products in the best imaginable way at ร–stermalmshallen.

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