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Opening soon


Located at Isak Slaktaregatan, there will open a new wine bar by the owner of KB.There is currently no opening date in sight, and any news about the place has been very quiet.

Type: Wine Bar
Adress: Isak Slaktaregatan, Malmö
Opening date: Estimated 2023

The Gem

A new restaurant to be opened by the owners of Casual Street Food, about to serve hot-dogs and other street food. The location and opening date was changed and currently there is no opening date where and when in sight.

Type: Restaurant
Adress: No adress yet
Opening date: No opening date

Recently opened


Libanese meze. With seven locations in Copenhagen already (one being only for take-away), they are about to open their eight location outside Denmark at Adelgatan 4, 211 22 Malmö. Opening date has been postponed and so far there is not an official opening date.

Type: Restaurant
Adress: Adelgatan 4, 211 22 Malmö
Opening date: 2023

Tumült (Not Malmö)

After being away three years from the restaurant scene, Daniel Müllerns opens his new passion project Tumült. The restaurant is located in the outskirts of Ystad.

Type: Restaurant
Adress: Björnstjernegatan 5, 271 39 Ystad
Opening date: March 31, 2023

Bar Kiosko

Bar Kiosko is located at Nobelvägen 73B, 214 33 Malmö.

Type: Restaurant & Bar
Adress: Nobelvägen 73B, 214 33 Malmö
Opened: 2023


The most anticipated cocktail bar opening of the year in Malmö under the direction of chef Jennie Walldén. The cocktail bar is located at Engelbrektsgatan next to Namu, Jennies korean restaurant Namu with a nordic touch.

Type: Cocktail Bar
Adress: Engelbrektsgatan 2, 211 33 Malmö
Opened: March 10, 2023


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